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"Ann Summers is a joke compared to this"

"Very good items, gave new and exciting ways to enjoy good sex"

"Great to be able to get the toys straight away"

"Had a lot of fun. Felt relaxed and learned lots. Made me want sexy time!"

"Very good night. Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Good presentation of products"

"Lots of variety, lots of information to put to good use"

"The best sexual education since school!"

"So much fun and very informative!"

"What women REALLY want, not what men think we want"

"Very knowledgeable and understood her products well"

"Brilliant night! Lots of information, relaxed and fab products available. Will definitely book in the future"

"Brilliant! Not cheesy or silly but still fun and learnt lots. Sophisticated toys & a great variety to suit all budgets. Definitely worth having a soiree"

"A fun way to introduce this intimate and slightly embarrassing subject :-)"

"Really enjoyable evening, no pressure,a really positive & friendly environment. Rhiannon is a great and approachable host"

"Great fun, I learned something new and it was an good eye opener"

"Enjoyed the soiree very much, lots of items for sale and no pressure to buy"

"A really good evening, which made the whole issue fun and grown up, without being excruciating or cringeable!"

"I can't think of a better person to talk about such an intimate topic and turn it into an entertaining and fun experience"

Fantastic experience, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the toys in a fun way with plenty of giggles. I didn't intend to buy anything but this experience really opened my mind"

"Thank you for tonight! It was very fun and you'll definitely has me as a customer"

"I thought I would feel very uncomfortable in this session. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Rhiannon's skills, knowledge and competence was really impressive"

"Thank you for your presentation and descriptions of your items. I learned something new and discovered new items as well. I really enjoyed this evening"

"I was happy to be at your presentation tonight because I have never had such an experience before. You are the best!"

"It's a really wonderful way to find out about things I might have wondered about but had been too nervous to ask about in a shop"

"Rhiannon is a lovely host and helps everyone feel at ease. She explains things very well and is happy to answer any questions. Very nice/fun evening. Thank you!"

"It was a very informative evening. I learnt a lot of new ways to give myself pleasure alone or with a partner. Highly recommended"

"Great to talk about sex in a relaxed atmosphere - great fun"

"All the equipment/toys that I saw today was really interesting. The silicone feeling to the toys was really lovely"

"Rhiannon was very informative and fun and made the whole experience relaxing"

"That's The Spot Offers affordable fun toys that I have never seen before"

"What a wonderful evening! Rhiannon is the hostess with the mostest with an amazing talent to make you feel comfortable, educate and show genuine interest in helping you find the right product for you."

"I really enjoyed my first consultation. Rhiannon was very friendly and relaxed throughout and also very informative about the products and all of the benefits/features of what was on offer. I am very happy with the products we bought!!!"

"A fab evening and a great 'teacher' Have really enjoyed this evening and would definitely go to another one"

"Great fun, good laugh, thank you for a lovely night!"

"Very informative, fun and relaxed. I felt completely comfortable"!"

"Excellent explanations of items that I never knew about. Much more detailed that Ann Summers"

"A fun-packed night with friends, lots of giggles and great products!"

"Enjoyable evening where we felt relaxed and at ease to take part, comment and dicsuss. Can't fault the evening."

"Learnt new facts, fun and informative, lots of ideas!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first That's The Spot evening, and would definitely go back for another. Rhiannon was a warm, friendly host, immediately putting us all at ease."


"Roedd Rhiannon yn wybodus a chyfeillgar ac roedd y noson yn grêt. Lot o wybodaeth a sampls ac ati ar y noson - llwyddodd Rhiannon i wneud i ni deimlo'n gyfforddus a hapus!"

Sioned, Caerdydd

"The evening was both fun and informative, with a great range of products available. She also tailored the evening to the group - a group of gay women - which worked really well. I would highly recommend!"

Laura, Cardiff

"Rhiannon was really approachable and knowledgeable - the most fun I've had at a soiree. I can't wait to use my toys!"

C, London

"Rhiannon hosted a fabulous, friendly and knowledgeable soiree that offered a range of products at reasonable prices, answered all my questions, very friendly, fun and health and safety conscious. Great time and excellent products"

M, London

"Had an absolute blast and laughed more than I have in aged! Really great 'guru'!"

Jemma, London

"Was refreshing to have a queer night!"


"Fantastic presentation skills by Rhiannon, very knowledgable. Loved the party, loved the atmosphere!"

L, London

"Wedi mwynhau yn fawr-roedd Rhiannon yn gyfeillgar a phroffesiynol-ac wedi gwneud i bawb deimlo'n gyfforddus.digon o wybodaeth a digon o hwyl!!diolch!"

Llio, Caerdydd

"What a very nice lady, she seems to know a lot! It was a really fun and funny evening"

"Informative, reassuring and friendly consultation which made me re-think self-pleasure and self confidence again!"

"I would recommend a soiree to absolutely everyone - from women completely new to the idea of sex toys, to those with great experience. I had so much fun and made new friends. Loved every minute of it."

"It was really fun, I bought more toys than I intended to but overall it was brilliant!"


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