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Why I am different to the rest


Before That’s The Spot, I had worked for multi-award winning shop Sh! based in London. I was the Duty Manager for this shop owned by women whose aim was to make the sex toy buying experience a positive and liberating one. My boss told me that nobody had taken to the job as easily as I had!

This role confirmed the passion I had for educating women in taboo subjects like how to give themselves or each other more pleasure, trying toys for the first time and recognising health benefits in sexual activity. Women would be so nervous coming into the shop and I was able to help them relax, smile and even giggle. When I moved back to Cardiff, I wanted to continue to give this service to the women and men of Wales.

I have always been a sex toy geek, so you will always find 'new releases' in the shop. There is an industry trade magazine called ETO (Erotic Traders Only) and I will always read each monthly edition from page to page to ensure that I stay current with what my industry is doing, which will only add to your positive customer experience with me.

Along with this, I keep current with information on sexual health, relationships and new science related to the female anatomy. You will therefore be safe and happy in the knowledge that I know what I am talking about and am up to date with all issues surrounding any topics related to sex.

Here is a bit more information about me to help you understand my experience and knowledge I have:

I am Diva Magazine’s Sex/Life editor. Diva is the best-selling magazine national magazine for LBQ women in the UK. I provide advice with one article a month online, which is free to read, and another article in their magazine which you would need to buy. Here is a link to the most recent article by me.

In 2015 I became a published author by contributing a chapter to ‘Embracing and Releasing the Celebrity in you’ in which I discuss the unexpected health benefits that come with masturbation and orgasm. Click here to buy a signed copy.

Within my first year of business I was shortlisted for 2 different awards:

Women’s Role Model Advocate category for the Women Inspiring Women Awards

LBQ Business under the Positive Women theme in the Ultimate Planet Awards. (The Awards Ceremony is on March the 20th, wish me luck!)

Look at what I had to say at Ignite Cardiff in January 2015


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Rhiannon xx