Personal Shopping - allow me to help you find your perfect toy!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of toys on offer to you? So many different choices and so many retailers!

If you want something but don't know where to start, let me help you out. 

The reasons this service will help you is that you will be using somebody - me - who already knows what is on the market and already has access to all the sex toys you can think of! I spend time researching and reading about the newest additions to the market and I know what the favourites are, and why they are the favourites.

The toys that are on offer in my shop have all been selected by myself as to provide you with a variety of options but not so much that is is difficult to make a decision. The last thing I want to do it overwhelm you. If there isn't anything you like the look of, tell me and I shall work with you to find you something you will like. 

If you tell me what it is you are looking for, what your price range is and even if there is a colour you like, I will find it for you!

The best thing about having me as a personal shopper is that you don't have to pay me any extra! I ask for a £10 deposit and when I find a toy that you are happy with, I take that £10 off the price of the toy.

If you are not happy with the choices I have found you, you get your £10 back. I want to ensure and guarantee that you are happy with your new purchse.