Older Women & Masturbation

Masturbation and older women

Older Women and Masturbation

I wonder how many of you have just felt uncomfortable reading those four words.

We have been breaking down taboos associated with women and sex for the last few decades and it is getting better and better for us women – with a new wave of sexual enlightenment since Fifty Shades of Grey. I want to continue with this wave of enlightenment but take it further to include women who many think are outside of the age of what is generally considered to be 'acceptable' to masturbate or have sex.

We all know that people are living for longer and the older generation is getting larger. We also know that a healthy sex life is an essential part of good overall health. Did you know that regular sex increases your life expectancy when you are older?

The main issues for older people are meeting people and then being physically able to have sex with one another. With age comes a bigger chance of physical difficulties like arthritis, back problems and respiratory ailments. Along with this, women's libidos decline as they get older, and a bit faster than men's. After the menopause it isn't as easy to become lubricated or to climax. For men there are erectile issues. BUT if sex increases your lifetime expectancy, how can we all achieve this? Well I believe with masturbation. This is a more accessible form of sex – you don't have to meet someone to have it, there are all sorts of toys to accommodate your physical abilities and there are dozens of different lubricants to choose from.

So if you are reading this and you are a woman over 60, get in touch and I will pay you a visit for free (within the boundaries of where I can travel to) to talk about this and look at affordable toys and lubricants.

If you are reading this and you work at a care home for the elderly, take that bold step and book me in to do a group chat with everyone about it!

If you are reading this and you have a grandma, why not take that brave step and broach the subject with her? Maybe organise a consultation with her? Maybe include your ma and make it a special 3 generations thing!

I will be discussing this in more detail in various blog entries in the future, so don't forget to sign up to it.