Sex Toy Consultation

This service is one of a kind.

There are some great sex toy shops out there and others that aren't so great. I know each one here in Cardiff and some are better than others. Some shops have a a few items out on display for you to have a play with and some don't have any out out to 'test' before you buy. A couple of shops are more for men but I know that each one of them can be difficult to walk into. Even I find it difficult to walk into them! And of course, if you don't live in Cardiff or near a train station into Cardiff, it can feel like a bit of an effort to head in.

What this consultation offers is to take away that barrier — you can have a good look at the items in the comfort  and privacy of your own home and have a proper chat about it with me. You don't have to fork out money to travel to a shop or pay for parking and you don't even have to pay for postage for the item because I will have it right there with me to give to you. You can have a look around my shop here online, make a note of which ones you like the look of and fill in the booking form, asking me to come and see you with the selection of the exact items you are interested in.

You can be a couple, an individual or a small group of people, size doesn't matter…just get in touch.