Sex toy consultationsat That's the Spot

Consultation Information

Please read the below for further information on this service:

  • I charge £10 or £18 for the visit, dependent on where you live. See here for a list of Locations
  • There is no obligation to buy any items once I'm there but if you would like to, I can give it to you right there and then, saving you postage costs!
  • I do not make any judgements on any clients and make it policy not to discuss any consultations with anybody else. As this is a local service and you may worry about bumping into me, if this does ever happen, be assured that to maintain confidentiality, I will not say hi to you unless you say hi to me first.
  • A consultation is to show you and to discuss the items I stock. I am not there to partake in any sexual activities and will immediately leave if there are any inappropriate advances.
  • To follow on from the previous point, you are welome to talk to me about anything you want to as far as your sex life and body is concerned. The more I know, the more I can advise! This isn't mandatory though, I wouldn't want you to feel as if you had to share these details with me.
  • Consultations last for up to an hour.
  • If I am running more than 10 minutes late, I will call you to let you know my ETA.
  • If I am running more than half an hour late, I will call you to make sure you are still happy for me to attend and will offer you 10% off the items you choose as compensation.
  • I like my cup of tea strong, a dash of milk, no sugar ;-)

Please fill in the enquiry form with as much detail as you want and when you would like me to visit and tick box to show you understand the above points.