Sex toy soirées at That's the Spot

Soirée Guidelines

Soirées will cost you £5 to attend with the choice of add-ons:

  • I offer party bags at an additional £10, £15, £20 or £25 see here for contents.
  • If the party is to honour a particular woman – like a birthday girl or a hen – the group has the option to buy her a toy as a gift. This can be organised and paid for in advance by contributing a particular amount each, then they can choose and pay for a gift on the night for her.
  • If you get parched or tired, I will also be selling cans of Pussy energy drink for £1.50 each.

If appropriate to the soirée, we can also play an adult naughty game  and you are welcome to purchase any naughty shaped sweets in advance or at the beginning of the night so they can be passed around on the night!

As a thank you for having the soirée at hers, the hostess will receive a 20% discount on her purchases on the night, no questions asked.

I bring a lot more items to the soirées than is the norm. This is so that I can provide something for everyone. I also bring various catalogues for you to have a browse through so you can see the other many choices you have and place an order with me.

The soireés can last for up to 3 hours if you want them to. The hostess and I will schedule 1 or 2 x 10 minute breaks during this time. I will set up a consultation area in another part of the house/flat if possible so if anyone has any private questions, we can discuss them during the breaks. We can then do this after the soirée has finished too.

See here for the boundaries in which I generally visit for soirees (ignore the charges on that page as they are for consultations) If you live outside of these boundaries, just get in touch and we can work something out.


I visit both cities on a bi-monthly basis so don't let distance get in the way!